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Conversations with the Inspiring TILLI

VOYAGE LA 📷 Today we’d like to introduce you to TILLI.TILLI, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. I went to Paris to get my music started because I felt they would listen to me. I had had success over there before as a model and they love artists. I made some wonderful music in those early days and had some success with it but did not have the support or the funds to even print up CDs at one point. All that great French food and yet there I was eating a lot of cornflakes!I brought that music back to Los Angeles where they sort of looked at me oddly and so I continued searching for people to record with over here in my own style. After recording with Pete Neshel in New York where some strange life events happened, (I fell off a scaffold while painting a temple for some Tibetan Lamas) I ended up back here in Hollywood recording with Alain Johannes from Queens of the Stone Age & 11 followed by recording some works with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and another project In Paris with Junior Rodriguez. It has not been a straight line and you have to have a burning desire for the god of Music to go through some of the crazy experiences that are going to come your way. And you cannot stop moving forward, if you stop even for a moment, the Sands will shift so you really have to keep it moving! I am constantly being transformed and transforming. The whole process of recording music and creating is where it’s at. I have a band called TILLI and the TITANS. I love my band and playing live gigs where you can give the transmission of music to people and feel the pulse coming back to you. It’s vital and it’s a large current of electricity to ride.To transmit through music and lyric … to get the body moving … to feel something … that’s why we come together through concerts and shows … to have an experience and possibly some joy together .Has it been a smooth road? Has it been a smooth road…? Hardly! There have been many challenges along the way and obstacles have occurred even on a global level … you have to keep going and keep honing your skills until that moment arrives when it all comes together … that is advice for any artist… Not just women… However, I do think it is a particularly good time for females in the arts as there is a new awareness growing of the need for mutual respect…. for the talent for the abilities and for the female voice and POV.When you’re just starting out it is important to educate yourself and find your own voice with which to create. You have to bring something to the table.Tell us more about your work. Creativity! I’m a rock and roller and artiste. That’s what I do… I have a band, I write, I sing, record and play, make videos, dream up stuff. One has to wear many hats these days! I perform with the intent of transmitting something wonderful in order to have that conversation with the audience. I’m going to give you something good to the best of my ability… And if we all leave uplifted, that is the point of art! To feel or see something in a way that is different from the ordinary.I am most proud of my ability to be able to create and sing and perform all this music to move people and hopefully get them to move their bodies as well! And I am proud of my band TILLI and the TITANS and their incredible generosity as artists.Do you have a lesson or advice you’d like to share with young women just starting out? Educate yourself about the business end of things!Contact Info:Address: Hollywood, California!Website: http://www.tillimusic.comEmail: tillship@yahoo.comInstagram:📷📷📷📷📷Image Credit: Photos: Moshe Brakha Insta: @moshebrakha

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Karanveer Kapoor
Karanveer Kapoor
Aug 30, 2021

Great Article, Love it. 🔥

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